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. . to the exciting world of PROSIM®, the unique application for modelbuilding and simulation. Based on a specialized modelbuilding language it delivers maximum flexibility in building models whether discrete (based on time-events and conditional events), continuous(attributes specified by differential equations) or combined (mixed discrete and continuous behaviour in the same model).

Building a model is as simple as defining de entities involved and describing their dynamic behaviour based on the process description method. The build-in modelling language is a full featured programming language extended with a load of special facilities to handle specific simulation needs as for instance queue-handling, data collection and data presentation.

Once the model is complete you can define cases to attach several sets of data to the model to run. So data and model are seperated from each other which makes it easy to reuse (parts of) the model build. Apart from the normal run mode there is also a trace facility to debug the model.

Another nice feature is the possibiliy to export a complete model. Such an exported model can be distributed with the Prosim Runtime Environment to run on any PC.

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